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ISSN Graduate Diploma Podcast

Jun 6, 2018

Episode one:

What does energy availability mean?  Is there a threshold of low energy availability where this starts to negatively impact on reproductive functioning? How can you quantify energy availability? Are there sex-based differences in bone metabolism, when energy availability is low? What can you do to combat low-energy availability from occurring?

These are just a few questions answered in this episode.

In today’s podcast, I’ll be taking you through the recent paper titled: ‘Effects of reduced energy availability on bone metabolism in women and men’ by Papageorgiou, et al., (2017).

In just 20 minutes, I’ll share with you the latest research on low energy availability, the effects this can have on bone metabolism and you’ll gain access to the most up-to-date, ‘evidenced-informed’ excel tracker to track yours and your client's energy availability status currently available on the web.

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I'll be back on the 25th of June with episode two. 

In the meantime, stay curious, think critically and never-stop learning.


ISSN Graduate Diploma Energy Calculating Spreadsheet: Excel calculator

Reading list: Research papers